The simple truths about your man

Monday, March 11, 2013

I keep getting asked the question, what do guys really want in a woman? Indeed, and I’ve said it before, we’re simple creatures and we don’t need that much to survive and be happy.

Ladies, here are the main things you should know about your man:

1. Don’t try to get rid of our friends. Talking badly about our friends is a bad idea, especially if we’ve been with you two months and they’ve been our friends 10 years. You should want us to have friends and a life because, as I said before, we want you to do the same.

2. We will never ask for directions or read the directions on assembling or operating any item. Just accept it, vent to your friends and leave us be. We know what we’re doing.

3. We can’t have too much sex. If you’re doubting whether you should make a move at 11:45 am on a Tuesday while we’re driving to Wendy’s, don’t. We will turn the car around with swiftness. So, again, for clarity, there are no time restraints.

4. Natural is nice. You don’t always have to put on a ton of make-up. Sometimes simple is just as sexy.

5. Don’t bug us. The more you badger us about this girl or that girl is the more you turn us off and more than likely turn our attention elsewhere. Back off.

6. We like it when you take care of us. Yes, an independent, self-assured woman is great, but there is nothing wrong with cooking us a meal, or if you see we forgot how a hanger works and help us out, we notice. Trust me, we notice.

7. We may lie from time to time. This to a) make you feel better (those pants really made you look fat) or b) for a peaceful life.

8. We really don’t want “to talk”. We don’t want this AT ALL. We really just listen so you don’t argue. In fact, even when it comes to BBM or WhatsApp, we just read the last few lines so we can respond.

9. Most of us just aren’t good at expressing ourselves. This is the truth. We weren’t really taught how. So just work with us and have patience.

10. Let us breathe. Yes it’s great waking up next to you but we don’t need you to be there every time we look up. Even if we are not complaining, ease off and let us have a little room. Let us ask you to come over or let you know we miss your company.


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  1. I rather you write a book where it is harder for me to access these information than to have it readily accessible for me to laugh myself to death. I can’t breathe, am like seriously? Pll eeze

  2. All great points ‘Safa. I wish more women would read and ahere to your advice. Most are combative because they are exactly the type that you are writing about. I read your column every week. Kudos!

  3. I Know you don’t know me,but i just want to say i am proud of you. I might be crazy, i feel like i know you and i am very please to know that you are doing so well. keep improving your life. Remember be kind, be nice, be grateful. I remind myself each day, that bringing joy to others, bring blessings to me. I hope you are in the best of spirits when this gets to you.

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